White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO or normal SEO costs about $40 bucks a month….. hahahahaha…. Yeah right. SEO is all about marketing. And marketing is all about sales. And sales is all about leads. And leads should be protected at all times. #1 reason to hire Americans to do your work for you is that you can find them and kick their ass if you need to. If a programmer in Serbia takes all of your leads from your database and sells it to your competition, then what are you going to do? Hire an Assassin.

We have narrowed down the playing field nationally to 2 companies. Altogether we have found that a majority of people in our field are useless. The worst people being in San Francisco – horrible, unskilled, and full of useless vocabulary. ?They have no scope and are very one sided in their approach to the internet.

We believe that the best Programmer alive and best programming company in the USA is in Orange County. Huge and complicated programming disasters have been quickly and quietly manhandled by an amazing set of 10 fingers. Unreal to be in his presence. Very sensitive to time and money motivated. $10000 minimum for work orders.

We believe that the best SEO company and best internet professional and best SEO professional in the country is in Los Angeles. Winner of multiple competitions and dominating the internet in New York, LA, Miami and the USA as a keyword, he is awesome and so long term in web strategy and implementation. Marketing genius and predominately a humble person to be around. $5000/week. Unlimited Hours. Requires to be inhouse, housing, airfare, per diem.

SEO projects are life projects. They require specific sets of skills and specific things to work. Search engines change so committing to use the best is a lifetime commitment.

The lowest possible cost for white hat SEO is $250/day for labor. That is our protege cost for American Labor and overseen only by someone of higher intelligence. Solid journeymen start at $300-$500/day based on availability and time spent apprenticing with the best.

If you are serious about white hat SEO, the custom work page is there for requests. We always reserve the right to say no. We recommend that you explain your project using numbered points beginning with 1.


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