Remove Yelp

Remove Yelp ReviewsEvery business hates yelp. Mainly because it wastes time. Yelp has destroyed your time with wondering worrying and concerning yourself with yelp. The second Yelp turns against you ; you need to take action. Can we get your reviews to stick ? Yep. Do we do that work ? Nope.

Yelp is at war with us. We are here to fight back. We do not think its fair that someone can trash your business regardless of your permission. So we believe that they have no business in the search results period. We are constantly on personal vendetta hiatus with Yelp. You can join the fight below.

If you fund the fight against yelp, we will remove yelp from your hair online. This is by all means difficult but we have had a fairly good success rate with removing them from search results. We estimate that it will take 6 months to send yelp plummeting from your hair. You can sign up below.

We have a white paper on yelp and best practices that you will receive when you sign up.

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