Remove Yellow Pages

Yellow pages SEO package is a joke. They just do SEO for themselves and then they put you on the page. This doesn’t help you at all. This only takes more money from you and puts you paying to promote your competitors. Take charge of your online presence by sending them to hell in a hurry. We will drop the YP down to the bottom of your industry for the city of your choice. You choose the industry and we will do the rest.

We believe there is no monopoly here. It is simply that they are spending more time getting people to click on them then you do. So we will send billions of clicks until they get flagged for cheating. They do this on their own so the additional leverage will send them over the cliff to your advantage. Smile at night while the assassins you hire do all the work for you. Google takes a while to catch up so be patient. Minimum 6 month commitment.


We will send you a white paper for your dealing with the yellow pages.


Remov eYellow Pages Listings

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