Remove eBay

Remove eBay listings is a bit more difficult. We can do a few different things but ultimately the end result you want is to make them go away. We believe firmly that eBay does not do SEO nor care about smaller markets. All SEO is actually done by the people who list the products whether they have any idea or not. So eBay is not actually at fault which makes it much harder to sink down to the bottom.

Content generation is key to removing eBay from the ranks. You must generate content daily to get things under control. Every day you should be adding things to the homepage and writing things on your own website to make sure you can move up when we remove eBay. We are an advocate of PayPal because PayPal is the backbone of web currency. We can assure you we can help you remove eBay from your niche listings. Google is slow but you can expect results in 6 months.

We have a white paper on eBay that you will receive after purchasing. Do what the information says. That is why we took the time to write it for you.

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