Remove Amazon

Remove Amazon from #1Amazon product placement is a bit like eBay. No matter how big or small your product line is your website only receives a fraction of the traffic compared to Amazon. So many products and people surfing around that the site gets a precedence. What we do is simple. We take a big broom and brush them out of the way using black hat seo tactics. Amazon is so big and temperamental that the site will bounce around in the listings for a while, but overall the keyword listing of your choice will sink lower and lower as we attack the pages.

Depending on the length of relationship you choose, we also have a few joint effort methods that will break the validity of amazon for your industry. We have so many accounts that manipulating products is really simple. You can rest assured that Amazon will keep coming for you. Today 1 listing ; Tomorrow 5 listings. Stop them now. Hire an Assassin.

What to expect from us. Google takes weeks and weeks to find things online. We do our best to force things to happen faster but the process is long and tedious. We work for $250/day . Below you can choose how many days a month you will hire us to make this happen for you as fast or as slow as you like.

1 Day of work a month includes running our super computers for the entire month. Taking down a giant is best done with more bees. We will exponentially expand your efforts of removing Amazon from the search results by using us more than the 1 day the first month. There is much to install on the behalf of Amazon to manipulate a few red flags. Once the process is through this initial work becomes a tool that we use so the more time we have to use sharper tools, the faster the work gets finished. We estimate it takes about 4-5 months to remove Amazon out of your hair. Macro industries like hair, nails, appliances, we are still fighting.

You commit to 6 months. You can pay up front or by the month. We have a no money back guaranteed policy. We work on ego alone. All money earned goes into the battle to fund professionals to fight back against the 4 Hoarde of Amazon, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and eBay.

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