Negative SEO

Negative SEO is based on breaking rules strategically. ?There are particular things that send out red flags. Each part of negative SEO came about by tears from first hand experience. Yes we can and have bounced back from our own blunders, but your competition will have no clue what happened nor how to fix it.

We have found that doctors are doctors, plumbers are plumbers, and internet people are god. Because a plumber wakes up like the doctor and goes to work. Gets into the office and the phone no longer rings. Takes a week to figure out. Then calls Brad up and asks him if he broke the website. Brad says doh and goes to work. Unfortunately for you brad has only been playing internet is his spare time. It will take a lifetime to fix Brad and a year to fix your new web problem.

Negative SEO means that we are going to remove your competitors from the top of organic listings. We cannot guarantee you will move up. Maybe a different competitor will move up or worse eBay or Amazon or even Yelp. So make sure you are fighting first. Then bring us in.

Please Use the custom work page to contact us about your negative SEO needs including keywords that are bothering you from making more money. We only need your website address and your target keywords.

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